Här kan du se hur programmet såg ut på kurshelgen i februari 2018.
Vi räknar med att erbjuda en kurshelg igen i februari 2019 och mer information kommer att finnas här så småningom.

Tangoweekend with Hiba and René from London
16-18 Februari 2018
Sörviks Folkets Hus Ludvika

Improvisation - set your mind free
During this weekend we will work on making our tango dancing influenced by music and feeling rather than from steps and structures. Leaders will get some tools to improvise and followers to become more active in order to influence the dance. This comes hand in hand with individual technique that of course will be addressed during the workshops. If you like to learn more about  Hiba and René, go to their webpage Tango-Fever
All workshops will be held in English. Maximum 14 couples/workshops.

Fredag den 16/2 2018
Praktika at 18,00-20,00 with Hiba and René, "With focus on musicality and how to express it".
Level: basic (not beginners)
Frequent partner changes.
Price: 200 sek

Saturday 17/2 2018
Ws A at 10-11,30
During this workhop we are going to explore the importance of the standing leg. How we use two different systems of walking/dancing, and why this makes tango so unique.
Level: basic (not beginners)
Frequent partner changes, we allow one singeldancer / 4 couples.
Price: 200 sek

Ws B at 12-13,30
Not only is the Giro (turn) one of the most basic movements in Tango. We believe it´s also one of the most  important ones! Together we will analyse the mechanics behind a comfortable Giro and work on your improvisations skills. and see in how many ways we can enter and exit Giros!
Level: basic (not beginners)
Frequent partner changes, we allow one singeldancer / 4 couples.
Price: 200 sek

Lunch at 13,30-14,30 Bring your own, we are too far from town.

Ws C Teachers seminar (part 1) at 14,30-16,30 (2 hours)
During this ws participants share their experience and thoughts with each other. Hiba and René will add aspects from their years of teaching. we will address these questions:
* Ideas about contents in basic course. Share ones planning with the group and get inspired from the others. Why do we chose as we do?
* How to break down an ocho / a giro in pieces and practice each part ono at the time?
* How can we practice playfulness and improvisation with our dancers? Even those with short experience. When and how can we start?
(The discussion and sharing will continue in ws F)
Level: for persons that have been teaching in their local communities.
Price: 200 sek

Dinner at 18,30
Buffét "Restaurang Viljan", incl coffee, tea and cake.
Needs to be pre-booked. Bring your own drink.
Price: 200 sek

Milonga at 19,30-23,30
DJ Stig
Price 50 sek, free if you take at least one ws during the weekend.

Söndag 18/2 2018
Ws D at 11-12,30
One of the most tricky movements that we can dance in Tango is out of Axis movements. But when it works it´s SO fun!! In this workshop we will work on a relatively simple and "basic" Colgada, in order to really understand how they work.
Level: intermediate-advanced.
We work mostly in pairs.
Price: 200 sek

Ws E at 13-14,30
Do you feel you get stuck in the same routines a lot? Can´t really express yourself yet? No More!
We are going to share some ideas in order to break free from patterns and routines, and become a more complete and expressive dancer! And that means you too Ladies!!;)
Level: intermediate-advanced
We work mostly in pairs.
Price: 200 sek

Ws F Teachers seminar (part 2) at 14,45-16,15
(Not with Hiba and René)
Let´s continue the discussions and sharing from part1. We can help and get inspired from each other while sharing exercises and ideas that works. How do we include musicality and expression in our classes?
Open and free of charge for those participating in ws C.

Allmän information
Priser: 200 kr / ws och person. Paketpris: för 5 ws 800 kr / person. (Teachers seminar kan inte inkluderas i paketpriset) Milongan ingår om du går minst en workshop, annars 50 sek entré.
Anmälan med mail senast fredag 9 februari 2018 till  tango.corrientes.ludvika@gmail.com
Det är säkrast att anmäla sig i par, en anmälan per person. Singelanmälda kommer med i mån av plats. Några dagar efter din anmälan får du en bekräftelse med betalningsinformation. För att anmäla dig: kopiera nedanstående, klistra in i ditt anmälningsmail och fyll i raderna.
jag anmäler mig i par med (namn)
jag vill gå på praktikan
jag vill gå på följande ws 
jag vill boka buffé
speciell mat / allergi
jag vill gå på milongan
Om du kommer från annan ort kan vi i föreningen försöka hjälpa till med övernattning om du vill.
Meddela i å fall detta önskemål och vi ska göra vad vi kan göra.
Om du har några som helst frågor så är det bara att maila till tango.corrientes.ludvika@gmail.com
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